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These Details Should Not Be Overlooked While The Mini Excavator Is Working

Views : 341 Update time : 2023-02-22

Everyone wants to know how to operate and maintain the equipment better for the small excavator. However, there are many wrong ways to maintain the small excavator, which will cause great harm to the machine in the long run due to the uneven maintenance content of each person. Next, a brief tidy, you can refer to it!

1.Clean the soil on the surface of excavator and check for loose fasteners. 

2.If the mini excavator is not used in winter, it should be kept and maintained properly. Only when it is used again can it play a better role;

3.Run the air-conditioning system once a month, let the cab warm up first, then let the refrigerant circulate in the air-conditioning system for one week, so that the sealing ring of the air-conditioning system keeps a certain thickness of oil film to prevent the leakage of refrigerant. Check whether the electric control switch of excavator is normal; 

4.The air filter can not be removed. After being ignited with cotton yarn dipped in diesel fuel, it can be placed in the intake pipe to start the ignition. In this way, dusty air from outside will be directly sucked into the cylinder without being filtered during start-up, which will cause abnormal wear of piston, cylinder and other parts, and also result in rough operation of diesel engine and damage to the machine. 

5.Severe consequences of low temperature load operation: severe wear of the machine will be caused. Therefore, after the diesel engine starts to ignite in winter, it should idle for several minutes at low and medium speed and wait for the cooling water temperature to reach 63 ℃ before putting into load operation.