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Common sense of maintenance and oil change of mechanical transmission system of small vibratory roller

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1. The principles to be followed when inspecting, draining and refueling the transmission components of a small roller

1. Check the oil level when the transmission parts are not rotating to avoid oil splashing and inaccurate oil level detection.

2. Before the lubricating oil is discharged, the roller should be started to warm the lubricating oil so that the hot oil can flow out quickly. The impurities and dirt in the tank are more likely to be mixed with the oil and discharged.

3. Stop the engine when changing the oil of the small roller. When it is necessary to work under the car, the front and rear wheels must be blocked with plugs.

4. When checking the oil level and changing the oil, the roller should be placed horizontally. Before removing the oil plug, scrub the dirt on its outer surface and surrounding surfaces.

5. Before reinstalling the oil plug, it should be cleaned to avoid contamination of the lubricating oil.

2. Inspection and oil change of the oil level of the fixed installation transmission parts of the small roller

1. An oil level hole is opened on the wall of the appropriate height of the tank, and an oil level plug or an oil dipstick with an engraved line is installed.

2. When the amount of oil is low, fill the oil from the oil filling port or the oil level hole until the oil is discharged from the oil level hole or the oil level reaches the limit of the scale.

3. Check the oil level of the transmission parts of the rotating housing and change the oil. When draining the oil, turn the drain hole to the lowest position so that the lubricant can be drained. When checking the oil level or refueling, turn the refueling hole To the highest position, the oil level can be judged from another oil hole. 4. When checking the oil level or adding lubricating oil, the oil hole can be rotated to the marked horizontal position until the oil level reaches the edge of the oil hole.

5. For side drive and chain maintenance, before starting the roller, use an oil can to pour lubricating oil on the gear, and ensure that the dust is removed once a week to extend its working life.

6. As the final drive component of the road roller, the drive chain has a heavy transmission load and is subject to the impact of driving and braking, and requires careful maintenance.

Through the explanation of the editor, do you now know how to maintain the mechanical transmission system of a walk-behind single-drum vibratory roller? In order to better maintain the good performance of the small rollers, and to better extend the service life of the equipment, I also hope that you must do a good job in the technical maintenance of the mechanical transmission system in the future to avoid unnecessary trouble!