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How to maintain excavators in autumn and winter and matters needing attention

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The seasons change, and it is already autumn in a blink of an eye, and the weather is getting drier. In the dry autumn and winter, a little spark may cause serious consequences. Every autumn and winter, there will be some excavators or loaders spontaneous combustion. Today, I will talk with you. Let’s talk about "how to ensure the maintenance of excavators in autumn and winter".

Many excavator rental merchants and consumers are very surprised by the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion of excavators, saying that under normal circumstances, excavator products that are normally maintained will not cause fire accidents. In the case of long-term disrepair, delayed maintenance, and drivers Various reasons such as improper operation, unauthorized modification of electrical systems, and man-made arson are the main reasons that may lead to "spontaneous combustion" or other fire accidents.

From the statistical data, the fire point of excavator fire accidents is mostly near the diesel tank or engine, and the proportion of fire accidents caused by oil leakage and disrepair of the oil pipe, improper modification of the electrical system, wear and short circuit of the electrical line, and the use of improper specifications of the fuse is relatively high. High. Although the probability of occurrence is low, once it occurs, an excavator equipment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars will cause great economic losses to consumers.

Therefore, for such fire accidents, fan avoidance is particularly important. Experts suggest that the best way to avoid spontaneous combustion accidents of excavators is to regularly inspect and maintain the excavator to prevent problems. First, check the engine, oil circuit and electrical system, and take a look Whether there is leakage or aging. Clean the engine system in time to ensure that the inside and outside of the engine are clean. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the self-rescue ceremony of the operator. Many excavators are not equipped with fire extinguishers. In the event of an accident, the operator cannot help himself, and the car should be on board Equipped with fire-fighting equipment, if equipped with a dry powder fire extinguisher, go to the local fire-fighting equipment store for inspection every year.

If you smell burnt odor during operation, or when the instrument panel alarms when you find that the fuselage emits unknown smoke, you should stop the operation and turn off the power, then leave the burning excavator, take out the fire extinguisher, and accurately locate the fire, focusing on the fuel tank and Reduce the temperature of the burning part to extinguish the fire to avoid the spread of the fire. If the excavator engine part is on fire, open the engine hood to avoid contact with a large amount of oxygen, and then aim at the gap in the engine hood to extinguish the fire. If the fire is too large, it should be extinguished. Immediately proceed to the scene and report to 119. In normal times, the user should also check the equipment frequently, so that the accident should not happen beyond regret.

Although some things are beyond our control, we must at least do what we can. As long as the majority of machine friends pay more attention to work in normal work and maintain good inspection and maintenance habits, we can reduce the occurrence of dangerous incidents such as fires. This is not only Make your own life safety guaranteed, and also reduce unnecessary losses for yourself.