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The main points and common problems of small excavator leveling work

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Mini excavators are also known as the smallest excavators in China. The minimum mini excavator is 15 machines (1.5 tons); the definition of mini excavators varies from country to country, such as: The United States, the Netherlands and Spain), 1 to 3 dwt is called a small excavator and its commodity is popular.

The main points and common problems of small excavator leveling work. It is not too difficult to use small excavators to level the road. It is not easy to say that it is simple. Why is it said that, the first small excavator to use Delide small excavation opportunities is much simpler, and at the same time it is efficient, and then there is the use of small excavators to level the road to grasp the following aspects and work experience.

Posture points:

1. When preparing a leveled ground in advance, first estimate the degree of the two sides of the road, then select the correct elevation point from the high end of the road, level the ground to the low-lying end one after another, and finally dig out the soil above the elevation point. , Fill and level areas in low-lying land, estimate leveling.

2. Lower the arm of the small excavator, open the second arm to the angle of about 45 degrees with the arm up and down; open the bucket, so that the digging bucket mouth and the second arm are basically level; the bucket falls into the road, retract the second arm, and raise the arm , Pull the soil backward; the equipment rotates one bucket after another in order to level the ground.

3. Final estimation and leveling, according to the actual landform conditions, the arms, two arms and the digging bucket are controlled harmoniously, and the leveling work is in progress.

The main points and common problems of small and small excavator leveling work, matters that must be paid attention to:

1. The car must stand level. If the excavator can’t stand level, the fairy will be uneven.

2. Keep your eyes alive. For a long time, follow the laminated glass to keep a close eye on the actual operation of the bucket. It is very prone to illusions and fatigue. Therefore, your eyes should always look at the smoothed road from each angle. You can find that the angle of view is different. Your feelings are also different.

3. Select the surrounding reference, such as the area that has been leveled, the color of the soil layer, etc.

4. There are also cases where the bucket maintains a fixed angle of view and uses the bucket and basic slope protection to accurately measure the aspect ratio. There are also cases where the excavator stands flat, close to the already level road surface, and rotates 180 degrees.

Five, firmly believe in the equipment, do not have to believe in your own eyes too much. , After working for a long time, the eyesight is fatigued, and some errors will of course occur. At this time, you must fully believe in the accuracy of the equipment.

Sixth, often go backwards, look at the smooth road from another angle. , After digging a piece, I feel the same, go backwards about the length of a parking space, and then look at the floor plan dug in front, you can easily see how much, it is my own specific exploration, especially suitable Working conditions with a darker soil tone. ,