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Mini excavator engine stalled

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What should I do if the engine stalls and slows down in the mini excavator?

1. Exhaust pipe

Under normal circumstances, exhaust blockage is one of the basic reasons for reducing fuel consumption. When the exhaust pipe is blocked, the exhaust power will directly decrease. Therefore, it is necessary to check the carbon deposits in the exhaust pipe on time in daily work. If the back pressure exceeds 3.3 Kpa, it is necessary to clean it.

2. Air filter

If the air filter is dusty or dusty, the power of the filter will decrease linearly, which then prevents air circulation and affects the output of the engine. Therefore, the alias must be timely. In severe cases, it can be replaced with a new air filter, air filter or filter paper.

3. Pistons and cylinder liners

With the increase of the mechanical service time, the strain loss between the piston and the bushing gradually increases. Excessive wear on the piston ring will have severe negative effects on the engine, and may cause undesirable effects, such as difficulty in incineration and incomplete incineration. Therefore, please check the cylinder liner and piston ring on time.

4. Fuel filter

When air enters the fuel filter, the pipe is directly blocked, and the oil passage smoothly reaches that position. This directly leads to a lack of electricity. In severe circumstances, it may affect the fire. Therefore, the fuel system must be filtered in time. If necessary, you can select and replace a new diesel filter again (filter information: glass fiber filter paper, chemical fiber filter paper, etc.).

5. Cooling smooth system

The basic reason for the overheating of the engine oil is the faults of the mechanical cooling system or the smoothing system (circulating smoothing system, gathering smoothing system, etc.). Therefore, when the exhaust temperature of the diesel engine increases, the cooler and radiator can be viewed. Clean the dirt.

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This is how you know about the engine stalling and slowing down of the mini excavator. Do you understand it?