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Precautions for the use of hydraulic oil for small rollers

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The use of hydraulic oil for small rollers is a very important part of the whole machine, but there are still many friends who don’t know much about the use of hydraulic oil. It is important to know that incorrect use will cause damage to the equipment and affect its functions. For newcomers to small rollers There are still a lot of things to pay attention to, so do you know what we should pay attention to? Next, we will give you a detailed introduction to the precautions for the use of hydraulic oil for rollers.

Small road rollers belong to the category of road equipment in construction machinery. They are widely used in filling compaction operations of high-grade highways, railways, airport runways, dams, stadiums and other large-scale engineering projects. They can compact sandy, semi-cohesive and cohesive soils. , Roadbed stabilized soil and asphalt concrete pavement layer. The compact roller is suitable for various compaction operations by the gravity of the machine itself, so that the compacted layer will be permanently deformed and compact.

1. First of all, hydraulic oil should be selected according to the brand recommended by the manufacturer and the working environment and temperature factors of the machine. For some machines with special requirements, special hydraulic oil should be used. In the winter in the north, it is better to choose low-condensation hydraulic oil. When the maintenance of hydraulic components and systems is inconvenient, anti-wear hydraulic oil should be used.

2. Regularly check the oil quality and oil level. Keep the hydraulic oil of small rollers clean to prevent impurities such as metal chips and fibers from entering the oil. The oil tank should be thoroughly cleaned before adding oil, and the new oil should be filtered (the accuracy of the filter is generally 5-10μm), otherwise the performance of the hydraulic system and the life of the hydraulic pump will be greatly affected.

3. Excessive hydraulic oil temperature will seriously affect the normal use of the machine, reduce the service life of the hydraulic components of the small roller, and increase the maintenance cost of construction machinery. It is recommended that the roller use hydraulic oil in winter. Choose anti-wear and high-temperature hydraulic oil in winter and regularly check the use of the roller and replace the hydraulic oil in time. The temperature rise of the oil in the oil tank of a small roller does not exceed the allowable range of the hydraulic oil, and all work generally requires not to exceed 60°C, otherwise the cooling system of the hydraulic oil needs to be checked. When the oil temperature is too low, the oil should be preheated so that the oil temperature gradually rises before starting the operation.