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Mini excavator oil tank cleaning

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The simple way is to clean, you can prepare a small air compressor. The fuel is released during the cleaning process, but be careful not to let it separate and leave some fuel. The compressed air then reaches the bottom of the fuel tank through the pipe Plastic, SO that Continuously The Diesel Engine Rolls Cleaning and stops. During the this Process , The position and direction of Changes The Gas Pipeline from Time to Time, thereby Fuel Tank Cleaning The Entire. the After Cleaning, The Fuel Tank IS Immediately emptied, allowing impurities suspended in the oil to flow out together with the diesel. ogether with the diesel. Assuming that the discharged diesel is dirty, it needs to be cleaned again by the above method until the released oil is free of impurities.

The steam method works well, but it is only suitable for qualified applications. Assuming you have the conditions to use steam, you can try. When cleaning, it takes about an hour for the small excavator to discharge the diesel oil, take out the fuel tank, and then pour a large amount of water into the tank, pour the fuel into the water from the filling port, and make the water in the water tank boil. At this time, the glue and various impurities on the inner wall of the water tank are dissolved or peeled off from the wall. Rinse the water tank thoroughly twice in a row.

Another commonly used method is the solvent method. The chemicals used are corrosive or corrosive. First clean the water tank with hot water, then use compressed air monotonously, then soak the 10% aqueous solution in the water tank, and finally rinse the inside of the water tank of the small excavator with clean water.